Big Handsome is a hard rock band formed in 2016 by cousins Steve Seachrist and Adam Beigler in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. With the addition of guitarist Zippy Who in summer 2017, they began playing local shows and developing their own sound influenced by Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, Motörhead, and more. After making an appearance playing on a flatbed trailer at Lansdale Bike Night, the group started to gain a considerable amount of popularity in their area. The show at Bike Night led the band to many more opportunities for shows. Eventually, the band released their first full album “All Hail the Mighty Meat Tenderizer” in November 2019.


The Band

Steve Seachrist (age 19) - Bass/Vocals

Zippy Who (age 13) - Guitar/Vocals

Adam Beigler (age 17) - Drums